High CPMs
& High Fill Rates

A4G is an Ad tech consulting company that specializes in monetization solutions and yield optimization. We help hundreds of top-ranking developers monetize their traffic.

Our goal is to help mobile developers make the most out of their apps by increasing the demand on their traffic and giving optimization advice.


We have access to more than 20 billion worldwide impressions a month and represent some of the world's biggest app developers such as Rollic Games, Musi, Fugo, TextPlus, AudioMack & Pinso.

Consulting services beyond ads

We help publishers improve their apps & websites based on functional, performance, and load testing.

We identify trends through competitor benchmarking & analysis to help our publishers achieve higher stability, revenues, retention & more time spent on apps.

a4g reach 20 billion worldwide impressions a4g reach 20 billion worldwide impressions a4g reach 20 billion worldwide impressions

CPM, Fill Rate,
and revenue optimization

A4G is dedicated to increasing your advertising revenue using Banners & Video Ads from Google, direct clients, and leading demand-side platforms (DSPs).

We negotiate preferred deals and run many high-performance campaigns from top advertisers like Warner Bros, Sony, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Palado, Goodgame Studios etc.

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A4G has been one of our fastest growing partners in the last 12 months, their attention to detail and ability to match pricing of their demand with our supply has provided Gamejam with superior CPMs at scale driving higher revenues and making our waterfall more competitive.
Christian Calderon
GameJam | Co founder and CEO.
We have had a very positive experience working with A4G for our display banner and interstitial monetization. From the friendly, hands on account management team to the consistent, quarter-after-quarter results, we hold A4G to a very high regard and consider them to be one of our most valued monetization partners.
Aaron Wojnowski
Musi Inc. | Founder
A4G has been an outstanding monetization partner for Audiomack. A4G is continually among our top demand partners for overall spend and CPMs, and offers worldwide demand which is critical for a global publisher like Audiomack. Demand aside, their team is top notch and is extremely responsive and knowledgeable — they've been a great resource for us and we'd strongly recommend them to any mobile publisher.
Dave Edwards
AudioMack | VP Revenue
A4G has been a terrific partner for our publishers to work with. They are responsive, helpful and attentive to the needs of our publishers and have top-notch knowledge of the mobile advertising ecosystem. They are a pleasure to work with.
Chris Stead
Ad-Libertas | COO
A4G has been a top-notch monetization partner for Weather Creative. In terms of ease-of-integration, consistent demand, and team responsiveness we couldn’t ask for a better partner. We recommend them to other mobile publishers without hesitation.
Suraj Hemmani
Weather Creative | Co-Founder.
A4G has become an invaluable component of Oak's business. Their hands-on approach to navigating the industry changes and continuous performance optimization has helped us maximize our user LTV and earn potential across all our mobile apps.
As an ad mediation service that works with a variety of publishers and ad networks, operational support is of the utmost importance to us. With its effective organizational communication and dedicated account managers, A4G has become a significant partner to Admost in our endeavor to maximize the ad revenues and satisfy all monetization needs of our publishers.
Admost Mediation
A4G has been an integral part of Night Cat Production's ad waterfall for approximately 3 years. Their personalized approach, combined with their ease of integration, high quality ads, and excellent eCPM optimization, have made them a top ad partner. I'm so glad they reached out to me.
Billy King
Night Cat Productions | Founder
As a top mobile ad mediation & growth platform, we can attest that A4G is a strong ad network to include. After integrating A4G, many of our developers and publishers have boosted their ARPDAU by up to 20%, and overall ad revenues significantly. We highly recommend their integration, especially for apps & games with a solid presence in the US & CIS markets.
AppoDeal Mediation

Ad Formats

Rewarded, Interstitials, Banners and Native. We offer guidance on user-friendly formats, best placements & mediation.

a4g ad format display
a4g ad format display
a4g ad format display
Rich Media
a4g ad format display
Native Video
a4g ad format display
Dedicated account managers
and compliance

A dedicated account manager will frequently contact publishers to enforce existing or new ad serving policies.

We ensure that our Google ads are not called more than three times for a given impression.

Our data protection team helps our publishers stay GDPR / CCPA compliant.

We help our partners go through and adapt to significant industry changes.


We use internal and third-party tools to quickly identify & prevent invalid traffic & activity. (deductions < 0.25% of our total revenues).

98% of our partners have included us on their ads.txt & app-ads.txt.

We only run direct ads, no third-party ad tags. You can exclude any category of ads that you think do not fit with your audience.

Competitive Payment Terms

We have partnered with the leading company Payoneer to provide an A4G Mastercard that will allow you to receive commission payments instantly.

We also offer international bank transfers in local currencies along with mass PayPal payments!


Get access to premium inventory

Performance based campaigns

You pay only for the valid leads you get. Your ads are displayed only on websites that perform best for you.

Flexibility, cost efficiency and scalability

Choose the model (CPM, CPC or CPA/CPI), the rate and set the budget.

Reach mobile users

Our Mobile Ads appear on content websites (mobile web), in native apps and video. Use them to put your apps in front of mobile users as they use their smartphones and tablets throughout the day.

Targeting & Re-targeting

High quality audience by country, region, language, age…

Re-Target paying users as well as the users that don’t convert right away.

Place our API on your website to collect all kind of signals and re-target high-intent customers.

Fraud detection

Real Time fraud detection using our own internal tools along with Forensiq and Fraudlogix. We detect in real time: Brand Safety, Domain Masking, Smart Device Fingerprinting , Cloaking Detection, Proxy Unmasking, Fraud Intelligence Database, Forensic Pattern Matching, Device Manipulation Recognition etc…

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